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Our History

Cardiolab was established some 35 years ago by a prominent Melbourne cardiologist, and was one of the first mobile diagnostic cardiology services in Victoria. Patients throughout the state suddenly had easy access to these services given they could be obtained through their local medical centre with a referral from their General Practitioner. Paediatric echocardiography, a much needed tool for child and neonatal cardiac assessment, was also available within these regions.

Our Vision

Bruce Protocol Stress Test.jpg

Cardiolab aims to deliver a world-class diagnostic testing experience through not only the mobility and accessibility of its services, but also through the expertise of its medical and technical staff. 

A Mobile Cardiology Service 


The element of mobility embedded within Cardiolab's working structure allows patients to access essential cardiac diagnostic testing in a variety of locations across Victoria. 

Additionally, this renders Cardiolab's services accessible to Victorian clinics who wish to implement cardiac diagnostic testing within their practices.


See the list below for further information regarding Cardiolab's Victorian Sites of Attendance. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment 

Cardiolab is committed to providing the highest quality care possible for its patients in a variety of cardiac tests and procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any form of assistance that may be required. 

(03) 9824 2726

Suite 103, 9-11 Claremont St, South Yarra

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